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All of a sudden I don’t feel like I’m pregnant anymore

May 23, 2018

All of a sudden I don’t feel like I’m pregnant anymore


It’s 5 weeks into my pregnancy, and I don’t feel like I’m pregnant.

I’m not getting nauseous anymore. I stopped feeling any of those twinges in my abdomen that I was getting all the time. While I still get fatigued and a little dizzy, that can easily be explained away by low blood sugar.

So I took ANOTHER pregnancy test.

Yes, in a moment of wondering if all three of the first pregnancy tests I took were wrong, I took another test. And it showed I was still pregnant. Which is good… but weird.

Why — when all the pregnancy apps and articles tell me that my first trimester symptoms should start increasing now — are my pregnancy symptoms fading? It’s freaking me out.

I know that “every pregnancy is different.”

But mine seems so easy right now that I’m suspicious. I’m sure it’s just the same anxiety I’ve been experiencing from the moment I found out I was pregnant. But, hi, I’m new here, so I’m confused and afraid.

And it’s not like I’ve been allowed to go to the doctor yet. (Did you know that those jerks make you wait at least until 6 weeks until they’ll see you!? I mean, I get it, since the “baby” would hardly be visible up until then. So fine whatevs. But how you gonna just let me hang out to dry like this!?) So I haven’t been able to see with my eyeballs that I’m pregnant. Which means all I have to go on was my weird body issues. And when the weirdness goes away it’s like… Um… Weird Future Baby Monster? Are you still in there?

I mean… how is this NOT called a Weird Future Baby Monster

At this point I’m almost thankful for how fucking much my tits hurt because it’s the one thing I can count on to make me feel like something is different inside of my body.

Anyone else experience a weird lack of pregnancy symptoms all of a sudden?

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3 thoughts on “All of a sudden I don’t feel like I’m pregnant anymore”

  • So admittedly I was so sick the whole fucking time that I can’t offer you any platitudes on that front BUT: the whole “won’t see you until 6 weeks” is BS most places. I was told that many times and each time I was just like “nope, you’re going to see me now, because reasons.” They’ll balk a bit but when you whip out something like “I’ve got a history of pregnancy loss” or in your case “I’m old as dirt” (love youuuuu) or really just anything that adds up to “if you don’t give me a fucking appointment I will drive you insane until you do” they’ll schedule you.

    THAT SAID, 5 weeks is so early that even with an ultrasound they’re kind of just like “yup, those are some cells.” If they’re really concerned they can draw blood every couple days for like a week to make sure the hormone levels are doubling, but EVEN THEN they’re just like “yup, they’re doubling” or “nope, they’re not.” And in my case they weren’t but then Ada happened so I guess she’s just bad at math.

    tl;dr: hang in there

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