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“The Burrito” and other temporary baby nicknames

September 4, 2018

“The Burrito” and other temporary baby nicknames

Our first baby got the nickname “Chippie” after I told my husband that it was the size of a chocolate chip. It’s also the biggest it ever grew, because I miscarried shortly after it got it’s nickname.

The second time I got pregnant (this current time) we refrained from nicknames for a long time. We kept shit really clinical. “The embryo is a size of a chocolate chip.”

But at around 10 weeks, after sharing this burrito-forward hospital review with my husband…

…he started referring to our name-less, gender-less baby as “our little bean and cheese burrito.” Which has since been shortened to “The Burrito.”

I was “The Bean” for my parents, because when they saw me on the ultrasound I was jumping around “like a little Mexican Jumping Bean.” It was changed to “Beanetta” when they found out I was a girl. Sometimes my dad still calls me his little Beanetta. Which I love.

As the weeks went on in my pregnancy, I grew a strong need to give our unborn girl a REAL name, instead of referring to her as The Burrito. Which still made me feel like we were trying to keep our distance by making it all impersonal. So I took the first two initials of my favorite name choices I and G, and started calling her “Iggy.”

It may stick. It may not. But at least it makes me feel like I’m bonding a little more with the real baby girl who’s going to be a real human person in the world soon enough.

But I’m still gonna register for this burrito wrap…

You better believe I just registered for this tortilla wrap from Uncommon Goods!

Did you give your baby a temporary nickname? Did it stick?

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